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Cleansing through Ayurvedic Massage

Oil Massage

Many of us are becoming aware of the importance of preventative health care in this challenging, stress-filled time. There is also a growing interest in the value of cleansing the body of accumulated toxins. With this, the traditional form of

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The 5 Elements & 3 Constitution Types

Traditional Ayurvedic Philosophy has been the basis for this form of health care, utilized for over 3,000 years successfully by millions in the Indian subcontinent, treating innumerable diseases and injuries with positive results in all medical disciplines. The 5 Elements

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Cold Weather ~ Winter Health

Healthy Winter

The secret of Ayurvedic health maintenance is to be aware when the circumstances, such as the weather, aggravate our condition due to similar characteristics, exacerbating the challenges brought about by our own weaknesses/ tendencies. We can determine the best behavior

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