Dhanvantari God of Ayurveda

Dhanvantari, The God of Ayurveda

Explore the science of life

Over the last three decades I’ve been working, teaching and doing research in Alternative Health Care. Through my life experience I discovered the effectiveness of Ayurveda (literally meaning Science of Life), one of the most ancient health care systems, and spent many years traveling, taking intensive trainings, participating in apprenticeships, gathering experience and receiving this precious knowledge from respectable teachers.

I’ve been teaching the art of Ayurvedic healing at many schools and venues such as Massage Therapy Institute, Phillips School of Massage, Fair Oaks Massage Institute and many others.

I’m very happy to share this knowledge and help you discover this ancient, natural way of bringing physical and emotional health and harmony into your life.

Choose from the courses below, or request a customized version to suit your organization’s needs.To make logistic and scheduling arrangements contact me.

The Art of Harmonious Living Through Ayurveda

We all seek to know ourselves better, to make peace within and harmonize our daily interactions. This science of perfect health comes from being conscious of our true nature and of the impact our daily lives and circumstances have on our own essential, balanced state.

This course offers:

  • An introduction to Ayurvedic healthcare, philosophy and lifestyle.
  • An overview of the 3 body-mind types and how to care for them for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Details on the seasonal practice of cleansing to prevent illness and maintain health.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices and easy home care practices and natural remedies.

Ayurvedic Cleansing & Massage Courses

This class is designed to introduce participants to the Ayurvedic concepts of health care and to give therapeutic options for yourself and others using practical experience. The art of health care from this ancient tradition includes Ayurvedic Massage which serves the purpose of detoxifying and rejuvenating, while having profoundly soothing effects.

Join the class to learn:

  • Massage and other therapies and treatments.
  • An understanding of the appropriate oils for each individuals constitution.
  • Methods to heal and harmonize the chakras and marmas (energetic and pressure points).

Especially selected therapeutic methods are used to maintain or adjust the natural state of harmony of the individual’s constitution and allow them to release toxins. We will experience these ancient techniques by practicing them with each other.

Ayurvedic Wisdom for the Seasons

Address the challenges brought on by varying atmospheric conditions using healthy lifestyle choices. Stay balanced throughout the year by anticipating, preparing and adapting to these periodic changes. Discover your unique nature and how to harmonize within life’s circumstances according to your individual constitution.

Some of the effective strategies taught for winter health are:

  • Stay busy: prevent the winter blues through staying active and involved.
  • Commitments and focus: “New Year’s Resolutions” grounded, healthy choices.
  • Skillful means: right action and interaction to carry you through.
  • Strong immunity: vigor through breath, movement and energy.

All to inspire right living in the time of deepening darkness and stillness, to explore and nurture the seeds of love, life and creativity within us, in this womblike period of potential and gestation.