The 5 Elements & 3 Constitution Types

Traditional Ayurvedic Philosophy has been the basis for this form of health care, utilized for over 3,000 years successfully by millions in the Indian subcontinent, treating innumerable diseases and injuries with positive results in all medical disciplines.
The 5 Elements which comprise our bodies and the universe make up the 3 body-mind types known as Doshas whose characteristics manifest in our lives:

  • Ether is cold and light, like the void of space, it is the metaphysical concept of subtlety, receptivity or Yin, which is expansive and has the potential for creation.
  • Air like the wind represents movement with cold and lite properties. It combines with Ether to manifest as the first constitution types known as Vata.
  • Fire stimulates the assimilation and transformation of substances, thoughts and emotions into heat, energy and light, it has hot and ligthtweight properties. It is the predominant element the Pitta type is made of.
  • Water flows, is cold and heavy (like a bucket of H2O). It balances heat or fire, has the potential to give life, to combine and disolve (as in the ability to taste). Along with earth it is cohesive and manifests as a Dosha type known as Kapha.
  • Earth Solidifies, gives stability and is cold and heavy. It mingles with water to facilitate growth and structure and it balances air & ether.

As the following Constitution types are described you may recognize yourself or those you know since these categories have arisen through the wisdom of the Ancient sages and been tested over millenia of observation and practice by physicians, families and communities noticing how these elements combine and manifest in individuals.

None of us, however are made up of just one or two characteristic types, as biological constituents of this universe, we encompass ALL these elements in unique proportions, which manifest as these 3 specific Doshas:

  •  Vata is Air & Ether: Cold, Dry and Light. – As the source of mobility it directs the nervous system, circulation and elimination. The characteristics of this individual can insightful & motivating and sometimes “spacey”. Physically they are mostly thinner and dark haired. They can be prone to worry, pain and light sleep. Their digestion and lifestyle is irregular.
  • Pitta embodies Fire & Water: It is Hot, Moist, Dry and Unstable. – It represents the only form of heat in the body. This can manifest as capacity for absorbtion and transformation as well as digestion and metabolism. It can express via fiery emotions & /or avid zeal. These people are of average build and have lighter skin and hair. They have a quick mind and can be prone to inflammation.
  •  Kapha includes Water and Earth: Its characteristics are Cold, Moist, Heavy and provide stablility, structure and stamina. This can produce nurturing and can lead to attachment. A larger frame and heavier body are typical along with strength and slow metabolism. This primary type often suffers from weak lungs or mucous formation.

This knowledge along with specialized diagnostic tools aid in designing customized treatments and are utilized in personal consultations with Natalie offered in various locations, based on her classes & tour schedule and appointments, or via e-mail, and at her offices in Sacramento & Mount Shasta, CA.

Therapies include lifestyle suggestions, herbal prescriptions and specialized massage Ayurvedic Oil Massage which can help eliminate imbalances and tension, and prevent illness.

To learn more, enjoy this excerpt from the film Ayurveda: The Art of Being</em>:

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