Little helpers for big improvements

In order to help you on the path of Ayurvedic healing I prepared a few user friendly products to learn practical day to day health and healing guidance.

Awaken Within Meditation CD

  • Meditation CD
    Experience the Awaken Within Meditation, A unique process using Ayurvedic Principles to release old patterns that no longer serve you. Enlighten your life by clearing your seven Chakras and five Etheric Bodies!
    Designed to be easy and effective whether you are new to Ayurveda or a long term practitioner.
    Learn how old patterns are held in the form of Cellular Memory.
    Discover how to release thoughts, emotions, and ideas that disrupt your sense of well being.
    Access a state of inner calm using mantras and specific healing messages. Inspired music created to facilitate the clearing of the Energy centers. Regular use will assist you in experiencing deeper relaxation, greater energy, and improve the quality of you life.

Price: $15 (including shipping, Cont. U.S)

Ayurvedic Principles Chart

The Ayurvedic Principles Chart is a laminated and illustrated guide allowing you to explore your own nature, health and spiritual potential through the wisdom of thousands of years of applied health care, in the tradition of India and the Himalayas.

Ayurvedic Chart

  • 1st section
    Introduces the philosophy and health care techniques of Ayurveda. Explains what each Dosha, or constitution-type, is. Shows how we rate within these categories.
  • 2nd section
    Shows that all our natural tendencies can lead to higher evolution and harmony when we follow and aspire to these ideals.
  • 3rd section
    Contains practical suggestions for healthy living and improving our lifestyles based on general guidelines.
  • 4th section
    Presents type-specific suggestions made for diet and daily routine approaches.

Use this chart to determine your own constitution based on specific personal characteristics and how to maintain your health by preventing and treating unhealthy imbalances in your natural constitution-type.

Price: $10.00 (including shipping, Cont. U.S)

Educational DVD: Bringing Health Through Balance

To assist with the application of this full-body technique, I’ve documented my instructions on Ayurvedic Massage in the DVD presentation entitled Bringing Health Through Balance.

Massage DVD
The video is over one hour of narrated descriptions and depictions which comes with a detailed step-by-step instruction manual. It can be useful for those interested in learning this ancient and effective technique directly and to assist class participants.

Price: $35.00 (including shipping, Cont. U.S)

Enjoy an excerpt from my DVD